Teresita Tamaharini Vancio

When the Way is open and the Time is right. The Path will be clear and the Load will be light

Teresita’s father sparked her interest in the flow of movement and breath as a swimmer at a very early age of her life. As she grew, she opened her soul to the importance of developing positive, strong and healthy Energy in every aspect of her life.
Coming from a Medical Background as a Biochemist, with a Masters in Immunology and as a Volunteer EMT with the Fire Department, she worked on the other side of the field helping patients deal with disease instead of focusing on its origin and prevention. As time went by, she changed her approach and redirected her professional life to Prevention. She reconnected with her first love, Water, and became an Aquatic Personal Trainer, specializing in group classes, Arthritis, Obesity and Pregnancy, where she taught her students and clients how to avoid injuries and improve their quality of life.
Teresita began practicing yoga 10 years ago and was blessed with wonderful instructors who taught her how to unify the Mind, Body and Soul through practice. As her yoga experience deepened, it became more than just a part of her life; it had become her lifestyle.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Hatha Yoga Instructor, and under training with Lizzy Hoffmann in Yoga Therapy, she seeks to combine the benefits of life’s experiences through meditation in movement, in addition to teaching her students how to rediscover themselves, embracing Joy and Shine.

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